Telemarketing Calls: When?

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As telemarketing moves into a phase when nothing can be taken for granted, lots of research is being done to optimize the process of lead generation. Extra care is being taken to ensure that the call center agents are doing it the right way. Consumers are not so easily convinced in the modern day business. They are used to being pampered and they expect the same treatment from your brand as well. If you are not providing the right kind of attention to detail, you are setting yourself up to be censured. As a BPO unit, you have to pay some attention to study consumer behavior. You have to bring in some research data that can provide you with insights. The timing of the outbound call center agent often decides if the call will be successful. In this article, we will look at suitable timings that can help you make use of the right moment.

Let's start off with the B2B lead generation process. Business heads and corporate honchos, who are your contacts, have plenty on their plate in the morning. They have a ton of things on their minds that demand their attention. They have to sort those out before they can afford to take calls or look at emails that are not listed as priority. If your BPO unit is calling them at this time, you are more likely to get the snub. You may not have them on the phone in the first instance. Even if your call center agent is lucky enough to get through, you will find it difficult to convince the contact. He/she will be more interested in disconnecting the line and getting back to other matters waiting for them. The ideal time to make calls in this sort of sales lead generation is during the afternoon.

In case of B2C lead generation, the telemarketing calls should be made according to the demographics. If you are calling housewives, call them during the latter half of the day. In the morning they are too busy getting things done. They cannot afford to make decisions when the only thought on their mind is whether to make the eggs scrambled or sunny-side-up. That is not the ideal time for the outbound call center agent to ask her to decide on whether she wants DISH TV or DIRECTV. As a telemarketer, you have to keep these factors in mind. These will help you in making better inroads in telemarketing services.

The concept of timing telemarketing calls receives a different level altogether when we are talking about offshore call centers. Then, time zones come into play. The BPO agents have to be doubly careful about the calls. They have to take care so that they are not buzzing prospective customers in the dead of the night! That would be the ultimate telemarketing services blunder. Such irresponsible acts on the part of the call center reflect poorly on the brand value. Clients will not be happy either when they find out that your agents have been calling people at unearthly times.

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Telemarketing Calls: When?

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This article was published on 2010/10/18