List of Windows 7 Activation Errors and How to fix it?

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Each time a person starts a computer he or she is prompted to activate the Windows. This problem may be experienced even when the windows is activated previously. To remove a script interfering with the activation of windows a few steps are to be followed. To activate Windows 7 in a proper manner you must boot the computer in safe mode, make modification in the windows registry and restore Windows product activation file. This helps you reactivate windows and stay free from getting prompted every time to activate Windows while starting the computer.

There are a number of activation errors that occur in a Windows 7 operating system. A few of them are 0xC004C001, 0xC004C003, 0xC004C008, 0xC004C020, 0xC004C021, 0xC004F009 and 0xC004F074. The error code 0xC004C001 shows an error message that the activation server has determined the product key to be invalid. This type of error is possible when an invalid MAK is entered. To prevent this activation error from prompting you during every boot up, verify that the key provided by Microsoft is MAK. The error 0xC004C003 occurs when the activation server determines that the product key is blocked. When the MAK is blocked a person can contact the Activation call center of Microsoft to obtain a new MAK to activate or install the system and rectify the error.

The activation error code 0xC004C008 can be seen when the server determines that the use of the specified product key is not possible. This error is prompted when KMS key exceeds the limit for activation. The host keys of KMS get activated up to ten times on 6 different computer systems. If a person requires more than 6 activations then contacting the Microsoft activation call center might be a better option. 0xC004C020 error code is used to represent that the activation server has reached the multiple activation key limit. The MAKs of Microsoft are designed in such a way they have only a limited number of activation and when the limit is exceeded calling the activation call center is a better solution.

When the grace period for software protection service gets expired before the activation of the system 0xC004F009 error code is shown. The system will be in the notification state in such situations. This can be sorted out by reading the user experience section of a manual. For errors such as 0xC004F074 the computer system cannot be activated as the key management system is absent or cannot be contacted. To rectify this error errors from each event ID are to be troubleshot in association with activation attempt. 


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List of Windows 7 Activation Errors and How to fix it?

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List of Windows 7 Activation Errors and How to fix it?

This article was published on 2012/04/24